About Us

BeaverFit is a veteran-owned company offering world-class, American-made indoor, outdoor and mobile training solutions to empower individuals to achieve their mission however they train, wherever they train. Read our full story here.

The BeaverFit accessory line is made up of high-quality performance training tools that can stand up to the elements in any environment. All products are made in the USA.

Why did we rebrand the accessories from Grey Man Gear to BeaverFit?

Our accessory line was formerly known as Grey Man Gear™ to pay homage to the person who works hard and trains for the things that matter most to them, without fanfare or shouting from the rooftops about their accomplishments. 

But the Grey Man Gear sub-brand might have been “a little too grey man” and confused our customers, so we’ve rebranded everything under BeaverFit. This creates a consistent experience for you and/or all your members – with the same Dam Strong quality and durability we’ve promised since day one.