BeaverFit Gym Box - Dual Rack

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The BeaverFit Gym Box - Dual Rack provides a freestanding, storage integrated training station complete with two squat rack and pull-up bar stations, a plyo box, dip bar, and suspension trainer and battle rope attachment anchors. Built to withstand the outdoor elements, the box is a perfect solution for outdoor and indoor training in a compact space. The Gym Box - Dual Rack Heavy option also fits all of the included Grey Man Gear training equipment and accessories into the storage box, including space for the Gym Box rigging. Perfect for individual and small group training, the BeaverFit Gym Box - Dual Rack is your all-in-one training center for your home or gym facility.

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Looking to purchase multiple units? Contact our sales team for a custom quote. Need just one rack? Check out the Gym Box - Single Rack.

Product Details: 

  • Freestanding and requires no bolting installation to flooring or walls 
  • Outdoor Rated 
  • Superior weatherproofing: American steel that is both e-coated and powder-coated
  • Ultra stable, light weight, patented design using 11 gauge steel 2x2 tubing
  • Plyo box serves as a fully integrated storage box for equipment and rigging
  • Includes 2 sets of steel J-Cups and one Dip Bar attachment
  • Integrated side handles for moving with a second person
  • 3" forklift pockets compatible with forklifts and dollies for moving
  • Setup dimensions (without barbell): 10'2'' D x 4'6" W x 8'2" H
  • Storage only dimensions: 24.5'' D x 4'6" W x 2' H
  • Storage box empty: 210lbs
  • Storage box + dual racks: 460bs
  • Storage box + dual racks + optional HEAVY equipment package: 980lbs 
  • Heavy Equipment Packages Includes: 
    • D-Ball Medicine Ball - One 10lb D-Ball Medicine Ball
    • Kettlebells - One 12kg + 18kg Kettlebell
    • Two Multi-Piece Olympic Barbells + Bar Collars + Chalk Bag
    • Two pairs of 10lb, 25lb and 45lb Crumb Bumper Plates 
    • Battle Rope + Suspension Trainer + Mobility Bands + Lacrosse Ball + Jump Rope 

The BeaverFit Gym Box is rated for use in outdoor environments but any Grey Man Gear training equipment should be stored in the integrated storage box or a weather resistant area.

    BeaverFit Gym Box Technical Specs