BeaverFit Simmons Swiss Bar

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The BeaverFit Simmons Swiss Bar was developed in partnership with college strength coach Jordon Simmons to create the next generation of the standard Swiss bar. This patent-pending bar is the most versatile bar on the market, providing adjustable handles, five grip positions and more than eight grip widths. Designed specifically to provide a wide variety of movements including presses, pulls and carries with adjustable customizations not found on any other Swiss bar.

Product Details:

  • Grip positions: Standard pronated, supinated, neutral, 45° supinated, 45° pronated
  • Width adjustments: Greater customization for shoulder health, specific training needs and athletes of all sizes
  • Three center handle positions: Perform normal carries or offset to create a greater challenge
  • Opens up a new world of possibilities in the tactical, rehabilitation and performance

Athletics programs: If you're a university or high school athletics program looking to purchase multiple units, please use this form to contact our team for a custom quote.

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